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Did you know the Universe is always listening to you? It’s just waiting for you to speak your dreams into existence. Whatever faith you follow, your higher power is cheering you on to live a life that’s the best version of you and to fulfill your destiny. That’s what the skill of dreaming is about. Going one step further, manifesting is turning your dream into reality. You can use the creative process of manifestation to open doors of opportunity and build future success as an entrepreneur.

As an entrepreneur, do you practice manifestation? I never fully understood the practice until I was headfirst into the halfway mark of my life. Little did I know that I already felt the magic of intuition as a little girl because it took me on a journey to a place where dreams really do come true.

I had just opened my birthday present from my parents. It was a gigantic box all wrapped up in colourful paper. Gigantic, when you’re six years old, is the right perspective.

As I flipped the lid on the box, a gleaming white sweatshirt with the face of a mouse staring back at me. The sweatshirt was just a little bigger than I was, which was perfect because it meant I could wear it for a long time. I wore that sweatshirt for days, and my mother had to sneak into my room when I was sleeping to get it into the wash because I didn’t want to part with it.

The Mouse…yes, it was him…the Walt Disney icon. I loved him, so.

One day, I was proudly back in my sweatshirt and had a big wooden spoon in my hand, and I was marching up and down the hallway like a parade marshall at leadership school. I suddenly stopped, spun around and looked straight at my mother. “Yes, my little one…what is it?” she said.

My first ever manifestation at the tender age of just six years old.

Boldly sticking out my chest, I said, “Mommy, someday when I grow bigger, I’m going to work for this Mouse.” I declared my dream right then and there for just the two of us to hear it. 

The innocence and fearlessness we all have as children, I love. It’s a time where there is no white noise of failure to worry about and judgement to shape our dreams. Nothing is impossible, and the more ridiculous, the better, when you’re daydreaming. As kids, we’re so open-minded, limitless and brilliant at imagining and feeling the daydream, and this is the perfect description of how to practice manifestation.

I landed a life of adversity as a young woman and quickly learned the value of grit. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit in me. I didn’t always fit in at school or work, even though I tried with all my heart to find my place. 

Fast forward, and I’m 28-years old and still looking for my place in the world. I’ve learned an incredible amount, but I struggled and felt I needed more to be taken seriously. I decided to go back to school. I enrolled in Tourism Management. 

A group of us sat in class talking about the future and discussing where we would work after graduation. Around the group, we went, and when it came time for me to speak, I blurted out, “I’m going to work for The Walt Disney Company.” Wide eyes staring back at me, followed by disbelief. “No, you’re not – there’s no way you can ever land a job like that.” along with “Yeah, right, good luck with that one!”.  Actually, I now had an advantage when no one in the group thought I could ever do it. There were no expectations. Perfect. I wondered, though, if I even believed it myself.

I was in the middle of an HR course that I was really enjoying and had to write a case study. Everyone in the class decided to contact resorts, hotels in the local market. I was going the same route because it seemed sensible. 

Sensibility isn’t always the best route to success.

Out of the blue, I scrapped my plans and decided to ring The Walt Disney Company in Florida to see if they would be interested in answering my questions for this case study. Why not – the worst thing that can happen is that they say no, right? In my ears, I could hear my classmates snickering and voicing their disbelief. My confidence started wavering, and I even said to myself internally, “Caroline, what the earth are you doing here? Who in this company would ever want to speak to you?”

This was the day that my manifestation unfolded. The pathway all the way from just a tender six-year-old girl at her birthday was about to line up with all the dots connected. Somehow, I ended up speaking with a department Director, and we had a few fantastic conversations. He was so kind, enthusiastic and encouraging to me. It was enough for me that I was going to present the case study so I could at least dispel the myth that I did make contact with The Walt Disney Company.

The final key was given to me in our last conversation in which he offered me a job opportunity. No, not in Florida but my hometown. I had to interview for it, but I would be working in the Marketing department if all went well. It did go well, and I had the most incredible experience of my life working there. Lessons, people, creativity and wisdom, all the gold threads, became a part of my inner fabric as an entrepreneur. I’m beyond grateful for the people in that company who gave me a chance to follow a dream. 

This post is not really to have you read a chapter out of my memoirs. If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading! I’m hoping that you’ll be inspired and encouraged to never give up on the dreams you have. 

We never know the pathway our dreams will take or how long they will come to fruition. When things don’t match our timing, we usually get discouraged. But often, what that really means, is that we’re not ready yet. We need a few more experiences, people and tools in our lives to be able to make the most of it. So keep believing in yourself and whatever you do, don’t play the comparison game or listen to the non-supporters.

It was a magical time in my life, and this one experience propelled me to expand myself, my knowledge and my experience. To honour my creativity and let it shine through an attitude of never giving up – there’s always a way. The Disney dust is a part of me. It was a long time ago, but it sometimes feels just like yesterday. But what I discovered is that using the creative process of manifestation to open doors of opportunity and build future success as an entrepreneur is available to me at any time.

If you still have a dream flickering in your heart, keep going, my friend! Press on and climb higher. The world needs you, your beautiful brain and your creative spirit. Break free from the fear! Start today and begin your journey to greatness. Most importantly, if you need help, never be afraid to ask. There’s always enough magic to go around.

Here’s what you need to remember to begin manifesting your dreams: visualize it – every detail, raise the emotion inside you to feel it as though you’re living it now, believe in it with all your heart and soul. Do this process several times a day. Then fasten your seatbelt!

PS…I still have the sweatshirt!


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