I offer a suite of solutions that include a variety of services focussing on Administration & Operations, Client Service, Digital Marketing, Creative Services, Travel Planning and Tech Set-Up & Systems to name but a few. 

Suite of solutions &
YOur Investment

time  •  opportunity  •  sharper focus  •  momentum  •  balance

Whether you need daily business support or management of a one-time or on-going project, with access to a portfolio of freelance talent, I can help handle the needs of your business.


social media & blog mmgt

administration & operations

Building your list, connecting and keeping your fans engaged with carefully curated content for your business, social media platforms and community management. as well as blog maintenance.

Branding, logos, web design to sales and marketing collateral and beyond.  For digital and print, designed for impact and results. 

A right-hand, Executive Assistant. I've worked with mid-level to C-Suite. I understand the professional
protocol and processes to ensure you're always in step with what's next.

client Care & membership service

Your front-facing brand ambassador. I'll create rapport and nurture prospective and current client relationships with the highest level of service that aligns with your values and culture.

travel &
event planning

Tech set-up &

branding, DEsign & creative services

Point A to B or something a little more interesting. Planning, logistics and careful monitoring to be sure your trip or event is a success and a seamless experience.

Need systems and software for productivity and efficiency? From research to implementation, your business can be automated, running smoothly and making the most of your valuable business data.

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Below are just a few suggestions of what my services can take care of for you within your business. If there's something else you're thinking of and don't see it here, don't let that prevent you from moving forward, I'm happy to discuss how I can help with the expertise you need. 

Technology and working in the cloud are part of my daily work. Not one for complacency, I look to continually advance my learning, skills and experience with existing and new programs. While there may be different apps to serve the same function, the menu choices and processes are often quite similar. When you require advanced knowledge on a particular program, I'll help to find an expert that can take care of your needs.

A Suite Of solutions

Excluded from Suite of Services: Call Management, Live Services, Fixed Hours, On-Site/In Person and 24/7 Monitoring.

starting at $850 USD

For daily, weekly or monthly support. Customarily, this often includes Executive Assistance, Client Services, Administration, Travel Planning and Social Media Management.


starting at $950 USD

For a single project or as part of a complete series. Customarily, this often includes Creative Services, Digital Marketing, Travel and Event Planning on a wider scale.


starting at $2500 USD

For research, planning and implementation such as Business Systems, Design and Creative projects and Client and Membership services. 





Your investment

Your investment in our partnership will depend on the services, project and/or frequency of your business needs. If you need something tailored and unique, we'll work together to create a solution that works for you.

Minimum 3-Month Commitment

Monthly Retainer or Project, and Consulting fees are paid in advance before commencing work.

Project & Consulting fees have tiered payments at project intervals as work and deliverables are completed over the project timeline. 





For an initial time period, we'll be in touch with each other frequently to communicate, refine the plan of support as well as orchestrate our working styles and preferences. The goal we're working towards is a level of support that is intuitive, based on trust  with a focus on giving you back your time so you can grow your business, experience the benefits of a dedicated work-life balance and the freedom to do more of what you love.

collaborate for



design a plan of support 

Working with the results and details of our second step, we'll discuss the tools, timeframe and workflows needed to manage your business activities and operations or project on a schedule that delivers on your objectives. We'll also zero in on communication, working styles and preferences so we can design a plan of support that will create direction and momentum.


 services & investment

Once we've confirmed that we're going to work together, we'll explore your business needs and goals in greater depth. We'll dig into the big picture and the fine details in between to discover what services and investment will bring you the most benefits to your business and your lifestyle.

I select a small number of clients for my portfolio and have a limited capacity per month to ensure I serve my clients at my highest level of commitment with focused, personalised client service.



Before working together we'll meet over a video or audio call to discuss your business needs in greater detail and see how the chemistry of working together can best fit a mutually beneficial partnership. Don't be concerned if you've never worked with a Virtual Professional before; I'll be happy to address any questions you might have.

The  Process...

"The price of anything is the amount of


you pay for it."

Henry David Thoreau

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