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There is no upper limit to what individuals are capable of doing with their minds. There is no age limit that bars them from beginning. There is no obstacle that cannot be overcome if they persist and believe.

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H.G. Wells


This business is your baby, it's been a few sleepless nights, pressure to succeed and a dream worth pursuing.

You need someone that has your back, will be your brand ambassador and will embrace your ideas but not be afraid to provide you with some new ones to help drive you towards excellence. It's a collaborative partnership with a shared vision. 


It can be a pitfall when entrepreneurs feel the need to handle everything in their business and just because you can do it all, doesn't mean you should.

Do you know what the hardest part is? Some will say, "the first 2-5 years"


The hardest part of running a successful business is finding the right people to help you grow and take care of your business just as you would (or even better). 

I know your to-do list; it's the common thread running through every entrepreneurs business. It's filled with 4 types of tasks: what you love to do, what you don't enjoy doing, what you can do but shouldn't be and those that you lack the skills for. As your Virtual Business Support Specialist, I walk alongside you, and we partner together in managing your business and your most important commodity: YOUR TIME. You take care of the first set of tasks (what you love to do) then I take on some or all of the rest and whatever else comes along. Ask yourself, how will you scale and step into your business if you're not placing your focus on building your network, finding new clients and pursuing opportunities for growth when you're doing every task under the sun?

Now, are you ready to pursue a pace of business that truly fits you best? Where you can perform with a sharper focus, feel ultra-productive and better managed with a healthy balance between your business and personal life?  How about taking your business to the next level of expansion and ultimately a life of freedom and choice?

Being an entrepreneur should be about innovation, passion, authentically leading, making an impact and a difference. You can do more with your time and talents and you should because the world is waiting for you.

If you are saying yes, then click the button below and let's get to know each other. You never know where one conversation will take you.

Here's the other aspect of being a successful entrepreneur, personal well-being. This part of your life is not negotiable. Your productivity, critical thinking and communications depend on your mind, body and soul being in an optimum state; otherwise, burnout is on the horizon. The freedom to pursue a personal life with purpose, meaning and happiness should not be a luxury in your life. When we're working together, it won't be. You'll better manage your time with a reasonable set of business responsibilities, so you can make time for people, activities and experiences to create memorable moments in your life. Yes, you're going to take a breath, finally.

All work and no play, makes Janie a dull girl and johnny a boring boy.

Wouldn't it be fantastic to feel strong with energy and optimism while your business is gaining momentum because there's someone with you who is intuitive enough to be a step ahead taking care of what you need to maintain and grow it? To be secure in knowing that your business and your clients are being beautifully supported in concert with your integrity, values and vision. What would it mean to your comfort level to know that the work is getting done because there's not a doubt in your mind all while enjoying the freedom of living a well-balanced life? Yes, this could be you, and to have this kind of confidence, well, I can't think of a more significant set of benefits from a business relationship than this.

the value of PeaCE OF MIND.

the freedom of choice for the best of your life.


I'll look forward to hearing from you,

Yes, I'm ready.  Let's Go!

Skills, yes, but TRUST, INTEGRITY and COMMITMENT are essential.

The Art of Virtual Service


exceptional service is always in style, timeless and highly personal.

What am I about? I'm a blend of the creative and the analytical. I have a curious mind which is helpful because I'm a life-long learner. I like to get off the porch and run with the big dogs but can be equally content orchestrating behind the scenes. I see the big picture and all the fine details in between. Working virtually can often be a complex and challenging environment but I'm completely comfortable in a tech business with high-touch focus. 

I believe service is an art form and at the very heart of it is opportunity. It's a tailored composition of passion, creativity, intuitiveness, listening and the heartfelt desire to serve. These are moments that at their best are either unscripted and experiential being quiet and simple or a breathtaking, bespoke, detailed design. Taking the familiar and ordinary and turning it into remarkable and extraordinary is part of my signature along with a dedication to the timeless art of service - the kind that leaves an indelible mark and a long-told story that never gets old. If you want to hear what others have to say about me and my style, check out their kind words below.

kind words

I initially approached Caroline after she'd engaged in some of my virtual service training, because I was so absolutely impressed with her written communication skills.

Caroline began working in customer support, helping me by responding to a variety of customer support enquiries. Given the excellent support she was providing, shortly thereafter I also engaged her services as my personal assist where she now manages my calendar, appointment scheduling, VIP clientele, press, media interviews and more....

Because of her, my customers and clients are able to consistently receive a level of support which far surpasses their expectations, I've increased the quality of my business interactions exponentially and given my company the incredible polished & professional front of house that I always strive for. 

One thing (among many!) that I love so much about Caroline is her incredible personal initiative and self-motivation in all sorts of endeavours. She's able to take decisions confidently and is always keeping me on top of things that need my attention. 

Caroline is exceptional in her role as my personal assistant; it's just that simple, really.

I highly recommend Caroline to anyone who's looking for a premier, quality virtual assistant service from an experienced, dedicated and detail-oriented individual, who's an absolute joy to work with!

michelle dale

Virtual Miss friday

Creator 1nsourcing ™

Services provided:

Personal Assistant, Business | Client  & Membership Support | Social Media Profile Engagement | Community Management

"Caroline is absolutely amazing!

The branding colours, logo and website design that she created
are absolutely beautiful.

Not only did I feel heard but her passion for my business
is greatly appreciated.

She definitely goes the extra mile to make sure that you are comfortable with the work and completely satisfied.

I'm grateful to have her in my corner.”

cherie faus-smith

domestic abuse advocate/survivor

services provided:

Branding | Logo Design | Marketing Materials |  Web Design | Consulting

"Caroline helped me stay much better organized and complete items on my to-do list that I had been putting off forever.

Very organized and methodical,  she kept me accountable to
 the things I needed to do!

I would recommend her for any top tier consultants, medical or legal professionals, marketers, designers or other service provider.s "

jessica oman

Renegade Planner


Personal Assistant, Business | Social Media Engagement | Client Service |  Email Marketing | Creative Services | Blog Management

services provided: 

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ava anderson

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jenni white

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eugenie jones

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