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Learn to Become an Entrepreneur


It’s crystal clear that I’ve been an entrepreneur at heart for most of my life. Looking back, I can see all the moments in my education and employee life that have nudged me toward it. The constant narrowing of my eyes seeking every opportunity to find better ways to be more efficient, productive and maximize the bottom line. Always thinking differently. The “go-big-or-go-home” creative drive when planning events and launches.

Even in the corporate world, I had an entrepreneurial perspective.

I know, without a doubt, that I drove one or two of my co-workers to the brink. They were stuck in the land of “that’s the way we always do it”. I wanted to push out of that comfort zone with new and better methods.

It wasn’t until I hung my own shingle out that I finally accepted my thirst for innovation. I embraced my natural intuitiveness and progressive vision. I came to understand that in my chest beats the heart of an entrepreneur.

As I’ve travelled this path and accepted myself, I’ve also discovered a few mindsets, behaviours and habits that I needed to let go of and a few more that I needed to take hold:

  • Trust in myself to take the necessary risks and push the boat out to follow the dream of being my own boss.
  • Feel the fear and do it afraid.
  • Believe and build confidence within me to create a life by my design.


I’ve come to understand that mindset work is a daily programme of maintenance in the arena of business.

Here’s how I successfully made the transition and changed my mindset from employee to Entrepreneur:

  1. Goodbye Employee Mindset

    In the corporate world, I couldn’t leave my desk for too long or work remotely for fear of looking like I was slacking. I rarely took a day off or a sick day because it would affect my employee standing. I left behind the strict, time-punching schedule I spent so many years perfecting. I’ve finally embraced the critical importance of wellness and balance over wearing some sad badge of honour dragging myself to my desk to put in a few more hours to look good. I’m of no use to my clients if I don’t take care of myself.

  2. Hello Boundaries

    As an employee, I had very little wriggle room to say no. I signed on to a job description that someone else created and was expected to complete it all, no matter where my talents lay and even those ‘other tasks as assigned’. It was unthinkable that I would decline in any situation unless it was unethical or illegal. I carried this thinking right into my first year of business with my second client before I realized I was performing a disservice to my client. Saying yes to everything and responding to emails at all hours set the stage for frustration, miscommunication and unreasonable expectations.

  3. Welcome Failure

    When I began my business, I used to have this overarching anxiety to persist to perfection. As an entrepreneur, there are few places to hide imperfection. What’s more important is accountability and integrity. Keeping my word and taking the opportunity to acknowledge and fix an error is the best value I can offer my clients.

  4. Good Riddance, Homogenization

    Leaving the corporate world allowed me to shed the chameleon skin I wore in my work life to constantly fit in or be more acceptable. I no longer had to be the same, but better, and could finally escape the constant competition amongst the employee culture. As an entrepreneur, I have the opportunity to shape my business to authentically reflect the person I am with the experiences and values I’ve developed. It’s about finding like-minded people to work with and help them to realize their dreams.

  5. Come On In, Collaboration

    In my old work life, I hesitated to network and create relationships with people that felt out of reach or lined up in a hierarchy of titles. Now if I want to get to know a leader in my field, I can and do reach out to connect. It’s truly refreshing. I can seek out prospective clients, leaders, influencers and mentors that I’d like to get to know. The opportunity to be personally coached is a reality and no longer a pecking order ritual. It takes time to build the relationship and a bit of confidence but it’s now a lateral conversation and an important factor in my professional and personal development.

  6. Glad to Have Free Will

    I can finally pursue the experiences and skills that I want to in order to grow my business. To serve my clients at the highest level, I can continually refine, educate and better myself. I absolutely love that I can learn a new app or skill at my whim whether to benefit a client or just for my own personal knowledge.  This alone has given me such empowerment and endless opportunity to help my clients. 

As an entrepreneur, as cliche, as it sounds, the world is truly my oyster.

It’s incredibly challenging, pushes and stretches me like no other experience. I wouldn’t trade it for anything….well, maybe for a week at Necker Island, I would!



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