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“OMG – 100 steps? That’s how many steps it takes to serve my client?” No wonder I’m overwhelmed.” This reaction was from a client seeking a solution to manage all the tasks slipping through the cracks in her business.

She had a to-do list that was a mile long with an arduous system of disconnected steps that was slowing the flow of clients. She was frustrated and becoming concerned about burnout. She thought the issues were organization and time management, but it was more about the map of her client journey for this entrepreneur.

How well do you think that you serve your clients? Have you ever thought about how many exact steps and actions it takes to deliver one of your services? If you don’t know, I’m confident that you might be leaving a lot of money on the table in every one of your client relationships. What if I told you that you could potentially double your income and clients by creating a Client Journey Map?  

What is a Client Journey Map, you ask? At the fundamental core is a flow chart that marks every step in how you serve your clients. From the lead phase all the way through to upsell and referral. 

Impressions and experiences in business are built on touchpoints; every time your brand makes contact with your ideal client. These interactions greatly influence your potential clients and current ones as to how they perceive your brand. 


Building the “know + like + trust + buy” process needs to be well thought out at every step to ensure the client’s buy-in, but the most critical part of the process is the client experience. The goal is to be seamless and deliver consistent, positive experiences for your clients that speak to them personally. You want to turn them into raving fans that are so connected with your brand and service that they can’t help but share their experience with the world. 


Even small to medium businesses can make an incredible impact with seamless, personalized service, so don’t think it’s dependent on your business model. The online tools are available at every investment level. Sure, it might mean that you have to have multiple tools, but most can integrate to get the results you need.

Creating a Client Journey Map gives you the landscape of how your business meets the clients’ needs or where it’s not. Working through this process can quickly show you where the gaps in service are and shine the light on where you’re wasting time, energy and resources, thus leaving less room for error. It will help you refine the process over time and serve your customers so much more efficiently.


Having a thoughtfully considered Client Journey Map can impact your business and yourself in some significant ways. Some, you’ve perhaps not even thought of just yet. How about:

Your Health & Wellness: Both you and your business need to stay in optimum health. Having the Client Journey sorted in your business allows you to work with less pressure and have happier, satisfied clients. Also, you’ll be more creative and innovative in your business and have the time to activate those ideas.

Build Client Trust Faster: A professional, credible, and well-automated client journey at the entry to your business means that you can create a level of trust much quicker and, as a result, close more sales.

More Opportunities to Connect:
You’ll have a robust CRM and a consistent and reliable system to follow up with cold/warm leads to convert into clients, which mean fewer missed opportunities and more income.

Better Productivity: A well-refined Client Journey means that your business operates efficiently, so you have more time to serve more clients or have extra leisure time for your wellness. More balance means less burnout and tasks slipping through the cracks.

Standard Operating Procedures: An automatic byproduct of creating a Client Journey because you can create SOPs for each step inside your business. If you ever have to step away from your business, a Virtual Business Support Specialist can easily step in to help continue the seamless client experience.

More Referrals: Social proof is where it’s at when it comes to building trust. It’s a well-known fact that a happy client will tell a few people, and an unhappy client will tell hundreds. You know yourself as a consumer, how amazed and energized you are every time you have a great client experience. Clients blown away by your fantastic service can’t help but send their friends, family and members your way. Get ready; your client base is going to grow exponentially. 

Each one of these benefits can contribute to your bottom line in a BIG way. You really can’t afford to ignore the Client Journey Map in your business. Aren’t you curious to see if you’re serving your clients effectively and giving them the best experience possible? Achieve all of the above, and you’ll be in business for a long time to come!

Next up, watch for my post to help you set up the process and tools to create the framework you need to implement your Client Journey Map.

I promise you; you won’t regret it—no point in procrastinating on this one. Your clients will fall in love with you, and your bank balance will thank you.

I help entrepreneurs just like you achieve balance and fulfillment in their business. Our virtual partnership can help shift your focus, intentions and ideas to creating a lifestyle that perfectly fits your dreams for your life and business. Learn more.

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