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Building Customer Loyalty

I’ve always loved client service. It’s something that comes naturally to me. Throughout my working career and into entrepreneurship, it’s become my benchmark and signature that I bring to my work.

I’ve come to see client service as an art form.

I’ve worked for many companies in the past that either:

  • Paid no attention to the value or impact an exceptional client service experience can bring to a business;
  • Were quite complacent about the actual need to plan and train for it.


Very fortuitously, I’ve also had the pleasure of working for global brands that are iconically steeped in the science of delivering the ultimate service experience. To this day, I still draw upon the ethics, principles and philosophies that were instilled in me.

My favourite service experiences can be found often in the higher end hospitality and travel sectors. The foundation is based on a high level of quality, consistency, extreme attention to detail combined with sharp awareness, listening and intuitive thinking. The focus is on delivering a personalized, seamless client experience.

Ultimately, it’s taking the familiar and every day and turning it into extraordinary. As a consumer, I’m often on the lookout for this type of service or a hybrid of it. When it’s not part of the experience, it’s glaring to me.

Lost opportunities to practice an effective client service strategy can dictate business’ longevity.

I haven’t met a person in my lifetime yet that doesn’t find enjoyment in experiencing great service, by being made to feel special when someone has remembered their name. Small touches like the simple remembrance of personal preferences go along way. Almost as far as the satisfaction felt when receiving precisely what you wanted, how you wanted it and on time.

If the service experience makes you feel good about your investment, yourself or using it in your lifestyle, and it’s created a moment in your memory, then you’ll want to engage with the service provider repeatedly.

People buy from people they trust.

This type of high-touch experience can be a challenge in the high tech world when the human element of a voice or physical contact is rapidly being replaced by artificial intelligence. While using automation speeds up transactions and increases convenience, the client journey should still be considered for these self-serve transactions.

Recently, I had a rather excellent online purchase that made an impact (and inspired this post). The entrepreneur that offers this product had very clearly and painstakingly thought about the big picture and all the fine details in between: from product and packaging right through to the purchase and fulfilment.

I hopped online to begin my purchase, but first I had a question. I clicked the online chat and, within moments, a member of the lovely support team appeared to answer everything I wanted to know with professionalism and warmth.

The buying process was clean, convenient and straightforward. Perfect! And it automatically created an account for me and notified me by email how to access it if I needed to.

I really had no expectations about the fulfilment, logistics, shipping and delivery of my item because it was making its way to me from England to the West Coast of Canada – and this was in December. I also knew that the company was experiencing a hectic period in shipping out a vast quantity of pre-orders. Having a dedicated following that’s lining up to purchase your product before it even hits production – that in itself is a statement.

Halfway through my workday on the very same day I ordered, I received the courier notification that my package was on its way. I was quite surprised and delighted! I thought, once again, that I’d perhaps see its arrival later in the month. Yet a week later my product arrived and this, too, was seamless.

That client service that so impressed me was evident in the product, as well.

Elegantly wrapped in completely custom packaging with a keepsake box and warm notes of welcome tucked inside; the item itself did not disappoint. It was beautiful and inspiring to the eye and the touch. I received precisely what was promised and, even though it was without the face-to-face exchange, I felt valued as a client.

This experience was so lovely! The branding without question spoke volumes and exactly matched the entrepreneur that designed it. Not once did I feel as though I left the client process until the end of the cycle. Yes, it was seamless.

Rest assured, I’ll return though this time in the summer to pre-order in advance. I’ll be telling my circle of influence about my experience and recommending they consider purchasing one, too.

This type of design and system is created to curate a particular client and speak to them directly which comes from a place of desiring to serve.

It’s about being incredibly invested in the end result which if done correctly, should cultivate loyalty and even more powerful, marketing by word of mouth = raving fans.

I suppose you might be wondering what I purchased that was so extraordinary and considered high end. I think you’ll be surprised to learn that it was my Perfectly Planned 2022 Business Planner. Yes, ordering stationery can be this enjoyable 🙂

I’m a bit planner obsessed as I’m always striving to improve productivity and remain focused on my goals. I’ve tried quite a few these past few years, and nothing has clicked with the way I think, create and work in my business and lifestyle – until now, that is.

Carrie Green is the founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association, one of the largest global communities for female entrepreneurs. When I first was preparing to start my business, I discovered her group, and I’ve been a member for a few years; it’s been a valuable experience. She is a gorgeous powerhouse with a superhero team that creates, in my opinion, outstanding content to help support female entrepreneurs and a brilliant community. I’d highly recommend checking it out.

One caveat, based on the happy responses and repeat business I’ve seen from other clients that have ordered this planner, I would say the service experience is consistent. I think what set my experience apart was my initial level of expectation. I could have been super fortunate at the timing of my order as well for it to arrive so promptly. So if you’re like me and plan to order one for 2020, and it takes a little longer to get to you, be patient…it’s worth the wait!

Designing a client service process can help you curate a particular client and speak to them directly. When they see your evident desire to serve, your client will also see you are incredibly invested in their service satisfaction resulting in cultivating loyalty and the even more powerful marketing of referrals.

Trends come and go, but a remarkable client experience will never go out of style.

So, something elementary as investing in a tool for my business and time management has turned me into a loyal client and a raving fan for that business.

It takes time, commitment and a heart of service to make a difference in the world. Isn’t that what being an entrepreneur is? The freedom to create a bespoke experience for your clients?

Any entrepreneur or size of business can offer this level of service and grow their business with it. It does take time and deep listening as well as creativity, constant measurement and fluidity until you get it right.



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