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Benefits to working with Virtual Professionals


It’s lonely at first, being an entrepreneur because it’s just you wearing all the hats, making all the crucial decisions and being your own coach when things go sideways. The path is never straight or without its ups and downs as you develop your business.

Finances are lean in these times, and more than one entrepreneur has hung their shingle out on a wing and a prayer (and a few credit cards). It requires careful, strict discipline to keep the shiny object syndrome at bay and not buy every tool and course you can get your hands on.

Plus, entrepreneurs after a year or two can become highly protective of their business and fall into a mindset that they are the only ones that can run the operations correctly; becoming so tight-fisted and close-minded to the idea of working with anyone. In continuing to think they have to know it all and do it all.

It becomes a focus on control over results

It’s understandable, after pouring in 150% of yourself and 18-hour days along with the savings that you need to be responsible with what you have if you want to play the long game.

What is not apparent is that quietly growing beneath the surface is a micro-management style of business. It doesn’t usually pop it’s head out until you finally bring another person into your business to help grow it. The narrow-minded focus of having it your way because that’s the way you’ve always done it.

Deep down, I believe it’s a few things that are the cause, but almost always it’s based out of fear. No matter how talented the person is, the entrepreneur just cannot help obsessing over every detail to the point of exhaustion. It’s ineffective, unproductive and detrimental to success. If you don’t pay attention, you can start to feel like a 6-foot sunflower in a four-inch pot – rootbound and stunting your growth.

One other reason that entrepreneurs shy away from bringing people on board is thinking they have to become an employer and add all the investment and management of handling an employee. It’s a headache that no one wants to add to their list of operating tasks, and it’s not true.

I’ve worked with successful leaders and entrepreneurs throughout my career. There is nothing more satisfying than to observe purpose-driven people make life happen. 

The ones that continue to climb and develop have one thing in common: the understanding that the road to success is not travelled alone… and a lot more fun when you have a team of individuals that share a common belief and are unified to achieve growth.

What’s the point of being in business if you aren’t enjoying it and achieving a level of success that can change your life? Isn’t that the whole reason you jumped into this in the first place? Remember, there is always strength in numbers.

To climb higher, you’re going to need a team to back you.

These entrepreneurs also understand that having a work-life balance is essential to their performance. They know that the only way to strike this balance is by having a close-knit team around them and having the ability to trust them with the business as well as be open to new ideas and processes by drawing on the skills and talents from them. These wise leaders can take a few days away to go to a conference or yes, a vacation and spending the time on doing what they love, making a difference and concentrating on what matters most.

What about you? Are you done with the whole lean start-up phase of business and ready to invest in growing your business and taking a huge leap?  Are you wanting to help more people and scale your business? To do so, you’re going to have to take off all those hats you’ve been wearing while thinking the best way to forge business is to learn to do it all.

Becoming a purpose-driven entrepreneur means it’s time to level up, work differently, live powerfully and feel like you can take a breath and start the next adventure — time to shift your thinking to a virtual partnership. We’re talking about entrepreneurs working together, bringing ideas to the table and collaborating to achieve growth.

The benefits are vast, and the opportunities are endless. Absolutely, you’ll need someone with tops skills, resources and a network of professionals to draw from but it’s also about chemistry. It’s all about finding the professional that will help you take care of business just like you would or even better so you can finally gain some clarity, a sharper focus, more productivity and real balance.

If you’re still sitting on the fence about the investment and benefits of working with a Virtual Professional, then consider this:

Top 10 Reasons to Outsource to Virtual Team:

  1. No increase in overhead costs and the headaches of managing employees.
  2. Lets you capitalize on your business strengths, pursue income-generating activities.
  3. A sharper focus on the opportunity to plan, set goals and achieve them.
  4. Become more productive, efficient and profitable operation.
  5. Consistent brand management and communications to increase your online presence.
  6. Create a seamless client experience to build fan base and loyalty.
  7. Experience better management of financial resources to operate and scale the business.
  8. No unnecessary downtime or income loss if you have to step away from your business.
  9. Ability to create a strong balance between your business, personal life and improve overall health & wellness.
  10. Provide opportunities to pay it forward by mentoring and community philanthropy.


Not sure where to start? Here are a few of the most common categories that are being taken care of by Virtual Professionals:

Business Tasks / Operations You Can Delegate:

  • Administrative / Operations
  • Client Care & Membership Services
  • Travel & Event Planning
  • Bookkeeping & Finances
  • Digital Marketing & E-Commerce
  • Social Media Engagement & Profile Management
  • Group / Community Management
  • Podcast/Video Management
  • Website and Blog Management
  • Graphic Design & Creative Services
  • Tech Set-Up and Maintenance


To make sense of the investment is quite simple. It’s really about your most valuable commodity: your time. The ability to reclaim even just a few hours of your day to shift your focus and spend quality time on developing your business could move you closer to your dreams. When you lift your head up and out of the operations of your business, you’ll start to think differently and manage your time in a way that is meaningful to you, your business and your lifestyle. Ultimately what you’ll accomplish is making the transition from surviving to thriving.

Good business strategy starts with a plan and some framework. To begin working with a Virtual Professional and make it a long-term success, take the time to create a Business manual and clear Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s). This will save you time and money during the training phase and is also an asset to your business.


I help high-level entrepreneurs and business owners just like you scale up and work differently to achieve a balanced lifestyle. Our virtual partnership can help you focus on your zone of genius while, giving you more time to pursue the things that matter the most. Learn more.

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